Friday, June 30, 2017


Good Lord.., I forgot who posted this pic originally, but here it is again on my blog.
It is 1984, and a few selected junior Disney animators were invited to join Marc and Alice Davis at the Olympic Arts Festival (which was then organized by Peter Schneider).
We showed an absolutely beautiful 70mm film print of Sleeping Beauty, I have not seen this movie in a better version since. It was a thrill to watch the film with Marc Davis and ask him questions about  it. Actually this was the beginning of my friendship with Alice and Marc.
I do not want any comments about our not so hot pants.
From left to right:
Mark Henn, Ron Husband, Ruben Procopio, Joe Lanzisero, and me.


  1. Olympic Arts Festival :\ What is that? Never heard such an event; but I guess it's American as it's unknown in Denamrk

  2. Yeah what's the Olympic Arts Festival?

  3. The Olympics were held in LA the summer of 1984. Arts festival was probably related to that.

  4. Here is the original post by Ron.

  5. I heard about that festival on the Bancroft Bros podcast with Tom Schumacher (which is great by the way, folks).
    If you remember any more Marc Davis wisdom, let us know!

  6. I heard on the Diamond Edition of Sleeping Beauty, Andreas in the 1980s little shorts I didn't know thay have back then sorry I was born in 1993 im 23 and I look teenager than adulte

  7. Andreas works the shorts better then the others

  8. Those gents are wearing "Magnum PI" shorts...the male equivalent of "Daisy Dukes". ;-)

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